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Helioscreen Sergé and zip: the ideal pair

We've said it before: our Sergé fabric is ideally suited for zip applications. And that is no coincidence. Helioscreen is not only a weaver of screen fabrics, but also a manufacturer of tailor made covers. We therefore have the experience and insight to make our fabrics perfect for today's most popular of solar shading applications: the zipscreen.

Helioscreen launches G-value calculator app

Helioscreen has launched an Android app for the simplified calculation of g-tot: G-value calculator. Look for it in your Play Store. A version for Apple will be coming soon.


How to avoid Glare

What is glare?
You can experience glare in different circumstances. If you look directly at the sun, you will have to immediately close your eyes or look away due to the bright rays. This is disability glare. When the light shines directly into your eyes, you are no longer able to see clearly.

Discomfort glare
But other circumstances can also cause a thing called discomfort glare: you are still able to see objects and texts, but it will be harder to concentrate and you might even get a headache. It is mostly caused by annoying reflections on computer screens and furniture or by lack of contrasts.

Common misunderstandings about G-tot

People who work in the solar shading business need to know their g-tot from their Tv values. That is clear, right? Apparently not. There are some persistent misunderstandings about the g-tot: the solar factor of a glazing combined with a solar protection device:

All g-tot values are calculated equal.

I only need to know the g-tot to predict the temperature in an actual building.

A g-tot value is constant: it applies everywhere, throughout a whole year.

Let us start to debunk these misunderstandings.

Upgrade of the Panama Chrome

Helioscreen is very proud to introduce its wonderful new Panama Chrome+. Thanks to an upgrade of a unique metallization process, the Panama Chrome+’s unsurpassed metalized back now has a reflection of around 80%!