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Helioscreen Fabric Finder


Search in our collection by screen performances and characteristics with our Fabrics Finder. 

Fabrics for exterior can also be used on the interior, that is why you get two results for every exterior fabric in the graph.

Ts Solar transmittance %
Rs Solar reflectance %
Rs' Solar reflectance opposite side %
As Solar absorptance %
OF Openness Factor %
gtot Solar factor glass + solar protection
Tv Light transmittance %
Tvdiff Diffused part of light transmittance %
Tvdir Direct part of light transmittance %
Tuv UV transmittance %
Tvdif-h Diffuse hemispherical transmittance %
Glazing A Clear Single Glazing
Glazing B Clear Double Glazing
Glazing C Double Glazing with Low E Coating
Glazing D Solar Control Double Glazing Low E
U (W/m2K) Thermal conductance glazing
Fc or z Shading factor

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