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Helioscreen tech team

Helioscreen Tech Support provides three crucial services: The E-team, ESBO and the Helioscreen Ambassadors.

  • The E-team draws up the perfect solution to your issue. They make comparative simulations, analyse data and provide you with the right support. You will receive figures and data, in clear and straightforward language. >> Read More
  • ESBO is a tool that creates a simulation of heat penetration and indicates how much energy you could save. >> Read More
  • The Helioscreen Ambassadors are our partners across the globe. They know all the benefits of our screens and set out in detail what impact they can have. They can also provide you with the right advice about the fabric you need for your application. >> Read More

The E-Team

If you have a question, if no one else can help, maybe you can contact the E-team.

The people in our E-team are experts when it comes to solar shading. They can help you make sense of what is prescribed in tenders and technical guidelines. Because they actively take part in the national and international bodies for solar shading like VEROZO and ES-SO, they are also very familiar with the different European and national norms concerning our industry. 

Several tools are at their disposal for making comprehensive simulations and comparing different solutions. 

You can contact our E-team directly via or call + 32 (0)9 340 44 90. 


ESBO is the first simulation software fully endorsed by the European Solar Shading Organisation ES-SO and based on the calculation engine in IDA ICE - the market leading tool for simulation of energy and indoor climate in Northern Europe. With ES-SO ESBO the use of dynamic solar shading can be simulated according to the established ISO 15099 and EN ISO ISO52022/1 Standards.

All important input parameters can be managed – solar shading, glass, room design, climate and environmental conditions (3.700 cities in 155 countries). Results are shown in energy and temperature terms followed by details about the shading/window combinations. G-tot, U-value, Tv etc.

ESBO is linked with ES-SDA: the European Solar Shading Database with validated and peer reviewed performance data, an added benefit for you as a user. 

Helioscreen already has ES-SDA approved fabrics in ESBO and can make the necessary calculations for you. Just send an e-mail to with your request.

A FREE version of the program is available to download on the ES-SO website.

The Helioscreen Ambassadors

In its more than 50 years existence Helioscreen has built up a global network of peers who's knowledge of Helioscreen fabrics matches its own. The people we like to call our ambassadors have had professional training and can use the same tools as our own E-team. You cannot go wrong with them. Ask us for your nearest Helioscreen ambassador.