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Shading for all seasons

The market is finally realizing that solar shading is beneficial in all seasons!

Everybody agrees that shading protects you against heat in summer so you need less cooling energy. But it also protects against glare in months when the sun is lower in the sky. On top of that - with a dynamic solar shading system - you can benefit from heat gain in winter, so you need less heating energy.

An ideal window configuration therefore has an external blind and an internal one. A movable external shading will protect against heat in summer and allow heat in in winter. When you add an internal blind, it will protect against glare the whole year through.

Another more concerning reason why there are no more seasons, is climate change. In Belgium and several other European countries the 1st of January 2022 was the hottest New Year’s Day since the beginning of the measurements.

Luckily solar shading is part of the solution as it saves energy on cooling in summer and on heating in winter. Let us turn this crisis into an opportunity.

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