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Technical overview
Brussels, Belgium, Europe
Project information
Year 2019
Architect Stephane Beel Architects
Partner Helioscreen Projects & Guthrie Douglas
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 108118 - grey-black 3%
Fabric m² 1.300
Building type(s) Public buildings

Precise Light Control

Our Sergé fabrics are very efficient at keeping the heat outside. But did you know that they can also provide precise light control? That is why the renewed Afrika Museum near Brussels chose Sergé 3% grey-black for their newly built glazed extension.

The external blinds allow the museum to adjust light levels according to the specific requirements of each exhibition. The architects wanted therefore that the blinds could be deployed regardless of weather conditions. They also required the blinds to be invisible when retracted. Our partners Guthrie Douglas and Helioscreen Projects made this possible with TESS 440 external wire-guided tension systems with our Sergé 3%.

The roller mechanisms were integrated in the façade structure and a bespoke return pulley arrangement was designed to give the blinds additional stability in high winds. The strength of the Sergé fabric does the rest.

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