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Technical overview
Herning, Denmark, Europe
Project information
Year 2015
Architect Aarstiderne Architects
Partner Acrimo
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 115113, 115181
Fabric m² 350
Building type(s) Residential

Playful Student Housing

The housing company Fruehøjgaard wanted lively colours for their 72 new student apartments on Kousgaard Plads in central Herning. This would make them appealing to young people. Therefore our partner Acrimo recommended Helioscreen Sergé 3% lime-green and yellow colours for the solar shading. The result is stunningly attractive.

Aesthetically the colourful sunshades link the NorthCamp building to the surrounding environment. The Sergé 3% screen stops the hot sun rays, yet gently filters the daylight to prevent the need for artificial lighting. The open structure of the fabric also allows students to keep their view to the outside.

The student homes are so succesfull that there is now a waiting list for the leases.

Whit this video they advertised the project to the students.