Molecules SpiegelAs the world becomes smaller and companies like Helioscreen continue to span many continents, we are seeing an increase in global environmental and safety regulations. 

REACH in-brief

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances), a European community regulation on chemicals and their safe use, is the most significant piece of legislation to impact textile manufacturing in the last 25 years. Prior to REACH, there were 5 different chemical directives in Europe. Now they're all covered by one standard.

The sole purpose of REACH is to address the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment (especially those considered highly toxic). Today, more than 30,000 substances fall under the scope of REACH, and the so-called "candidate list" gets updated on a regular basis.

Challenge and Opportunity

For Helioscreen, as well as for all other textile manufacturers, complying with the regular adjustments in REACH is posing a significant challenge. Chemical components can become red-flagged literally overnight, which again could have an immediate impact on availability of certain fabrics. Hence, proactive risk assessment and close cooperation with the supply chain is crucial. 

However, REACH can also bring business benefits by increasing innovation in fabrics. Replacing halogenated FR treatments by non-halogenated treatments, or using low VOC emitting components in the manufacturing of our textiles are just two examples. In other words, REACH compliance can be considered a marketing tool that provides differentiation and direct customer value.

Our fabrics comply with REACH

Ensuring that Helioscreen is compliant is a continuous process of evaluating and monitoring all aspects of the regulation. Although we are a so called 'Downstream user' and have no registration obligations (titles 4 and 5 of the directive), we're always committed to take the necessary actions to comply with the REACH requirements, as applicable.