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  • Only Top Quality Fabrics: let us be very clear about this! We do not compromise on quality. Therefore only top quality fabrics - according to the ISO 9001 quality regulations - will be selected for the Outlet Store.
  • Regular Updates: keep an eye on your incoming emails. The outlet stock list will be updated regularly. Our marketing department will inform you about new stock lists, special conditions, breaking news...
  • Rock Bottom Prices: Each roll has a specific reason to become an outlet item. It is for this reason that we offer it at a special rock bottom price. For the regular Helioscreen stock, your standard conditions of purchase apply.
  • Overview of all Special Rolls at a Glance: non-standard widths, overstock, obsolete colors, special weaves, ... all of them in one condensed, digital overview.
  • First-Come, First-Served: When you make a reservation of rolls in our outlet store, you can be sure that Helioscreen will not sell them to anyone else but you.
  • Customers Only: The Outlet Store is only accessible to Helioscreen customers. It combines internet sales with personal contact. Your Outlet reservation will always be confirmed by your personal Customer Support contact, who is best informed about your specific needs.

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  • Available off the Shelf: All rolls can be delivered off the shelf and are ready for immediate shipment. It will also not be a problem to combine your outlet reservations with your "conventional" orders, should you require this.
  • What you See is what you Get. The reasons why we grant special conditions for these rolls are not a secret. You can find these reasons explained for each roll in the outlet list.
  • Easy Search Engine: Are you looking for a specific color? Or a specific fabric? Not to worry! An easy search engine enables you to select only the fabrics you are interested in.
  • "License to Buy": The Helioscreen Outlet Store is designed for Helioscreen customers. If you only want members of your purchasing department to reserve rolls from the Outlet Store, we can give them a "license to buy". Other members of your company staff that are not licensed will only be able to see the rolls when they are logged in. They will not be able to reserve them
  • Guarantee and Support: Helioscreen gives you the same guarantee and support for outlet fabrics as for standard Helioscreen fabrics.

To browse though our stock and reserve items you can create an account. After your registration, your account will be validated by Helioscreen as soon as possible.