For a better Performance in Visual Comfort

Natural daylight is of the utmost importance for a feeling of well-being for all human beings. The intensity of the daylight and the colour of the light, which is predominated by the seasons and the weather conditions, has a clear influence on the motivation and the working capacity of people. Dealing with daylight in the right way when designing a building will have a positive influence on the psychology of the inhabitants.

Therefore Helioscreen has designed and developed an intelligent software program, called LightTool®, which allows for making daylight simulations in an office environment. This valuable tool will help you in choosing an appropriate fabric and solar control system for the office environment.

In a few steps LightTool® leads you to the right choice:

  1. Choose the geographical location
  2. Select the orientation of the façade
  3. Select the date and time
  4. Select the percentage of glazing in the façade
  5. Select your shading strategy
  6. Select the weather condition
  7. Now you can go to single view and create your repor


LightTool 2

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LightTool 1


LightTool 3