A window covering system is not only aesthetic, it can also be used to optimize the total energy performance of a building. To help you make the right choice of fabric, Helioscreen has developed this fully detailed website. It contains a comprehensive overview of all technical properties and a lot of other useful information on everything we can support you with.

We make a point of translating our investments in scientific research and development into useful information and advice that can contribute to an efficient solution. This website aims to be the most complete and most detailed reference on fiberglass "screen" and Greenscreen fabrics. Feel free to use this information for your next project. We are at your service and looking forward to hearing from you.



New Collection 2018-2021

We are happy to introduce our new collection for 2018-2021, which has been improved and completed significantly. Discover the new Panama Chrome+, the upgraded version of the Panama Chrome, with a solar reflectance of around 80%!

Other new fabrics:

You can download the technical details of all fabrics via this link.


Privacy Policy and Cookies

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This regulation allows you as an individual to take control of your personal data and hold organisations who collect and store those data accountable. We have updated our Privacy Policy to clarify what data we use and why, which you can read here.


Climate Control

Dicover the four pilars of comfort our fabrics contribute to:

And how using our fabrics can contribute to the environment.