TreeSolar and daylight management increases the indoor and visual comfort, health and productivity of inhabitants and users and is crucial to avoid overheating in nearly-zero energy buildings.  The 2014 study of the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) demonstrates the impact external and internal solar shading can have on energy savings. Find the ES-SO Postion Paper here.

Thermal Comfort

Helioscreen fabric, used either on the inside or the outside of a building has a profound effect on the inside temperature. Used on an outside device the fabric keeps out up to 90% of the sun's heat, on the inside up to 75% in combination with reflective double glazing with a low emissivity coating.
This means that the need for mechanical cooling is reduced and often made unnecessary. Energy can be saved which in turn leads to lower CO2 emissions. With our Capsol VI simulation program we can calculate just how much energy could be saved using our fabric.

Visual Comfort

Sufficient daylight and contact with the outside world are of great importance for the well-being of people. Helioscreen fabrics let in sufficient daylight while avoiding the negative side effects of the sunlight such as glare. Another benefit is that the contact with the outside is maintained. When enough daylight enters a room, the need for artificial light is very much reduced. With our LightTool simulation program we can help to find the perfect fabric taking into account the orientation of the building and the size of the windows.

Air Quality

Helioscreen fabrics reduce the need for air-conditioning and thus prevent the sick building syndrome often caused by these devices. Furthermore Greenguard certification proves that our fabrics for internal use are low on volatile organic compounds. They can even be used for schools and other buildings where children reside.


Acoustic Comfort

Too much noise inside a room or an office can cause great nuisance for the people residing or working there. Our fabrics absorb up to 25% of the surrounding noise and hence help to create a more pleasant working and living environment.  Noise from outside the building is also reduced.