Stimulating productivity

Thanks to Helioscreen fabrics employees can work more efficiently. There are no annoying reflections in computer screens thanks to the high scores on glare control and at the same time sufficient daylight is let in. Moreover temperatures are kept at an acceptable level. This enhances the well-being of people working inside offices and other buildings and thus stimulates productivity.

Investing in research & development

Helioscreen is committed to keep investing in research and development to make our products as efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Our new fabric Carré for example has been developed to reduce cutting waste to a minimum.  Other projects we are currently working on will show results on a longer term. Check our website regularly for news in this area.



Meeting Green Building requirements: BREEAM

What is BREEAM?

How does Helioscreen score?

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What is BREEAM?                             BREEAM

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) is the world's leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings, first launched in 1990 in the UK. Besides the original, regularly updated BREEAM-UK, there now is BREEAM International which is adaptable to local regulations worldwide. Meanwhile even regional and national versions have been set up such as BREEAM-Gulf and BREEAM-NL.

In BREEAM International, buildings are rated according to the percentage they score on the following scale: pass (≥30%), good (≥45%), very good (≥55%), excellent (≥70%) and outstanding (≥85%).

To ensure that performance against fundamental environmental issues is not over-looked in pursuit of a particular rating, BREEAM sets minimum standards of performance in key areas e.g. energy, water, waste etc.

How does Helioscreen score?

One of the key areas is Visual Comfort. Here Helioscreen solar shading can definitely come into play. The issue is split into five parts and two of them are key to our business: daylighting (1-2 credits) and glare control and view out (1-2 credits).

Helioscreen fabrics will also contribute to Thermal comfort (2 credits). This can be demonstrated with our simulation program Capsol VI. Moreover we can provide all necessary data (measured according to EN410 (1998)) to make a more thorough simulation (thermal modeling).

In this view our screen can also help reducing the CO2-emissions of the building (15 credits) as they help relieving the air conditioning load.

Need help?

BREEAM is a very complex assessment method and we advise everyone involved in the design of a building to study the requirements thoroughly in order to score as high as possible. Where solar shading is concerned, please do not hesitate to rely on the expertise of Helioscreen to help you along.



Meeting Green Building requirements: LEED

What is LEED?

How does Helioscreen score?

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What is LEED?   LEED

LEED is the North American equivalent of BREEAM and stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The 2009 LEED rating system has 100 base points and 10 bonus points. Scoring 40 to 49 points gets a building LEED certified, but you can also win silver (50 to 59 points), gold (60 to 79 points) or platinum (80 points and more).  A recent LEED Gold project where Helioscreen supplied the sunscreen fabric is Medienbrücke in Munich.

How does Helioscreen score?

These are the topics you will score for using Helioscreen fabrics:

LEED scores

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If you require help for a project regarding LEED, please do not hesitate to contact us.