For a better Performance in Thermal Comfort

The problem of overheating in private and public buildings has probably been there for centuries. It is only due to the increasing use of big glazed surfaces, the rising insulation quality of our present buildings and the higher comfort requirements, that the problem became more and more apparent. Today, Helioscreen has proven to be a reliable partner in the search for the most efficient solution on your way to thermal comfort.

Moreover it is even possible to calculate the approximate energy gains you will enjoy after installing blinds with Helioscreen fabric. For quite some years, Helioscreen has been working with the Capsol® software, of which we have now an updated version. The most actual fabric and climate data from locations all over the world, enable us to produce the most accurate simulations. An elaborated report containing graphs and calculation results, makes it possible to compare various scenarios and helps you in making the right decision.

An example of a calculation:

You can choose:

  1. The type of building
  2. Calculation period
  3. Outdoor climate
  4. Main orientation
  5. % glazing façade
  6. U-value of the glazing
  7. g-value of the glazing
  8. Preferred Helioscreen fabric


Capsol form

 For the example above, the results can be sumarized as follows:

These results show that a solar blind can help you save a lot of cooling energy throughout the year.
Details of the calculation can be found in the Capsol® Report. Calculations are in accordance with EN-ISO 13791:2004. 

Capsol Case Study

Source CO2-emissions (CO2 emission per kWh electricity in Spain) International Energy Agency. (

Source cost-calculations (avarage price for electricity in Spain in june 2011). (


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