Screen pioneer since 1965

Madou Tower 1In 1965, Tour Madou, one of the first high-rise office buildings in Brussels, became a test project and was an instant success. Helioscreen fabric, placed on the outside of the building, proved to be extremely effective in controlling the effects of the sun's rays.

As time went by Helioscreen gained a well-deserved reputation for efficient solar control among modern-day architects. Our constant commitment to quality and product innovation has long since become our calling card. Today, the major part of Helioscreen's annual fabric production is exported all over the world, to countries as close as The Netherlands and as far afield as Australia.

Helioscreen fabrics give people comfort in thousands of buildings all over the world.

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Helioscreen, a company with a unique mission

Helioscreen has a clear mission: through ongoing research and product development, to make and supply high-quality products that improve quality of life and work, and where service to the customer is a key feature. An art that Helioscreen understands better than anyone else.

When all products seem to become commodities and customers are ever more demanding, success will depend on exceptional customer care, superior service and impeccable quality in people and products.


Weaving Performance into Fabrics

Weaving fiberglass screen fabric is Helioscreen's core business. Our fabrics are recognized around the world for their quality, durability, and for meeting precise technical specifications. Helioscreen employs stringent quality control at every stage of its unique production process. IS0 9001 certification supports each of the weaving, manufacturing, and assembly processes.